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Why Ecologix?

At Ecologix, our goal is to break away from conventional landscaping and implement organic, sustainable practices that are beneficial to the environment.

If you are looking to reduce your carbon footprint, you’ve come to the right place. Ecologix was established to pioneer environmentally responsible landscape maintenance on the North Fork. We are equipped to provide zero-emissions weekly maintenance services while we lead you down the path to a safe, organic, sustainable landscape. Whether your goal is to have a lush, green lawn free from chemicals or a property that requires less maintenance, Ecologix can help you achieve all of your environmentally-conscious landscaping goals.

While there is no “one size fits all” plan, achieving an organic, sustainable landscape requires a systems approach. It doesn’t necessarily have to be “all or nothing,” however, it is important to understand that a transition away from traditional landscaping practices takes time and commitment. Our ultimate goal is to have the soil and your yard’s ecosystem doing most of the work for you, so the level of intensity at which it needs to be addressed depends largely on the current health of your soil. This is why we will begin our working relationship with each of our clients the same way:

tick control Our Process

Site Evaluation
First we will do a Site Evaluation – We will visit your property to visually analyze the current condition. We will look at soil conditions, sunlight, current plantings, and take measurements of the property.

Client-Contractor Initial Consultation
Next we will have a Client-Contractor Initial Consultation – We will meet with you in person, virtually, or over the phone to discuss your expectations and goals so that we can determine if Ecologix is a good fit for you. We will discuss the level of “cultural intensity” likely required to achieve your goals – How much product, labor, water, new material, etc. will be involved in the transition? How much do you want to invest in this process?

Soil Test
After we’ve come to an agreement about how Ecologix will help you achieve your landscaping goals, we will ideally conduct a Soil Test. While this is not a requirement, it is arguably the most important step for someone seeking to create a healthy, sustainable yard. A soil test provides a comprehensive analysis that will determine the biological needs of your soil and will serve as the blueprint for creating a soil health program specific to your lawn and gardens.

Develop a Program
Based on our initial meeting and the results of the soil test (if one has been done) we will Develop a Program. We will lay out a step-by-step timeline to show you how we will transition your property from conventional to organic, sustainable landscaping.

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