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Compost Top Dressing

compost top dressingThe best way to invigorate soil that has been neglected is to top dress with compost. By applying ¼” of organic matter using a broadcast spreader, we are able to introduce the microbial activity that your lawn has been missing.

Compost top dressing enhances the biodiversity of your soil by providing new habitat for soil microbes as well as improving the current habitat. With its added ability to increase water retention, it is the most efficient way to improve your soil structure when transitioning to an organic, sustainable lawn.

Compost top dressing is generally recommended at least during the first two years of the transition to organic land care. Once the organic soil structure has been established, applying a heavy layer of compost top dressing on a regular basis should not be necessary as the soil biomass will be more self-sustainable with the help of regular fertilizer applications. Applying a thin layer of compost top dressing simultaneously with our core aeration and overseeding efforts in the fall will greatly assist in seed germination.

If needed, we can continue to maintain desired levels of nutrients and biodiversity through the application of compost tea – a water-based extract of compost.

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