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Compost Tea & Biostimulants

Two additional methods of invigorating your lawn are compost tea and biostimulant applications.

Compost tea is a liquid mixture of compost and water. While compost top dressing is the tried and true method of adding physical organic matter to your soil, compost tea, or liquid compost extract, can accomplish the same goal of building the soil biomass when applied in high volumes. A soil drench of compost tea will add organisms (i.e. bacteria, fungi, protozoa, & nematodes) that are extracted from the compost using an aeration process. It is an economical way to increase the biodiversity in your soil and manage the fungal-bacterial ratio for soil health. A soil test will help us determine if compost tea applications would be a beneficial addition to your turf care program.

Biostimulants such as humus, kelp extract, yucca extract, and sugars like molasses, are used to optimize plant health and vitality. They can each help bring balance to the soil and improve plant health in different ways. Some of the benefits of biostimulants include:

Improved soil texture and structure

Enhanced root development

Increased natural immunity to pests and disease

Improved nutrient and water uptake

Any lawn can benefit from biostimulant applications. Healthier soil and root systems equate to healthier grass, and biostimulants are like giving your lawn vitamins. Biostimulants can also be used on trees and shrubs for the same purposes.

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