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About Us

About Us

“We wanted to do something that our children would be proud of.”

Ecologix was born from two parents’ desire to do our part in creating a better future for our children. Without drastic carbon-eliminating changes across the globe, it is possible that our children, and surely our grandchildren, will endure extreme challenges resulting from global warming. Rather than dedicating our careers to a business that contributes to the problem, we want to do our part in fighting against it.

Shawn was born and raised on the North Fork and is an avid outdoorsman. His appreciation of the area is evident in both his personal and professional endeavors. He surrounds himself daily with the natural habitat of the East End in whatever capacity he can, whether that’s on land or on the water. Shawn’s “day job” is with the Suffolk County Health Department where he works on the water nearly every day. The purpose of his position is to help monitor the environmental conditions of the marine and estuarine ecosystems in an effort to assess human impacts on the environment.

In addition to his career with the Health Department, Shawn has worked in the landscaping industry since he was a teenager. He started his own landscaping business in 2007, providing his customers with maintenance services during the hours that he was not at his “regular” job. He has worked tirelessly ever since to fulfill both responsibilities with great success. When their first son was born in 2016, Shawn and his wife, Jamie, decided to start working together. They have worked as business partners ever since, all the while making sure family remains their top priority. Jamie has since learned the ins and outs of everything that goes on behind the scenes of a small business. She manages all of the administrative tasks which frees up Shawn’s time to spend at customers’ homes where his knowledge and talent are most impactful. Together, along with the dedication of reliable, skilled employees, Jamie and Shawn have continued to run a successful landscape maintenance business for five years while adding two, and soon to be three, more sons to their family.

Frequent discussions about where to take their business next paired with an ever-increasing awareness of environmental concerns both globally and locally led Shawn and Jamie to Ecologix. It is a combination of their experience, expertise, and passion. Shawn is accredited by the Northeast Organic Farming Association as an Organic Land Care professional and Ecologix is ready to implement the organic, sustainable landscape practices that are currently missing from the North Fork.

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