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Weed Control

 Weed Control

In the world of chemical-free lawn care, we have to be honest in saying that there are limited tools in our toolbox for weed control. This is simply because we’ve had to figure out a way to fight nature with nature rather than fighting nature with poisonous chemicals.

It is also important to note that weeds do not represent a simplistic, isolated problem. Weeds demonstrate that the conditions of your soil are favorable to weeds rather than grass. So instead of treating weeds like an isolated problem, our goal is to improve the overall quality of your soil and grass because at the end of the day, the most effective way to fight against weeds is to have healthy, balanced soil that supports the growth of grass.

That is why it is best to combine our weed control applications with other cultural practices such as mowing at the proper height throughout the season, core aeration, and organic fertilizer applications – all of which help improve soil and grass health, which will combat weed growth.

 Corn Gluten

Corn gluten is our pre-emergent herbicide. When applied in the early spring, it works by inhibiting the root development of crabgrass. When the crabgrass can’t establish roots, it is unable to mature. It is important to understand that corn gluten gradually becomes more effective over time, so if you are transitioning from traditional lawn care to our organic approach, you’ll see the greatest reduction in crabgrass by year three.

Liquid Iron & Botanical Oils

A combination of liquid iron and botanical oil blends is our selective post-emergent solution for weed control. Liquid iron, i.e. chelated iron, is iron bound to a chelating agent which keeps it soluble and ready for plant uptake. While broadleaf weeds are not able to regulate their uptake of the chelated iron, grass is able to and stops when it has taken in enough. The excess uptake that occurs in broadleaf weeds causes iron oxidation and stresses the plant within hours. Turf grass will turn a darker shade of green for a few days but will then return to its normal color. Subsequent applications are often necessary for desired results.

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