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Organic Tick & Mosquito Programs

Anyone who has spent any time on the North Fork during the warmer months is no stranger to ticks and mosquitos. Parents and pet owners alike must perform regular “tick checks” to hopefully prevent our loved ones from contracting tick-borne illnesses such as Lyme disease. Then there are the mosquitos which have the capability of ruining a perfectly beautiful summer evening on the back patio in a matter of minutes. If you’re like us, we spent years dealing with these pests for fear of spraying our yard with something that could potentially harm our children or pets (not to mention ourselves).

At Ecologix, our organic tick and mosquito control program utilizes ICT Organics products, which are composed of organic oils, plant extracts, and natural repellents rather than toxic chemicals. Shawn is a licensed pesticide technician and will apply these specialized mixes to your property, paying special attention to the perimeter, taller grasses, and areas that might be breeding grounds. The products used will not harm aquatic life and are safe to use around ponds and wetlands which are prime breeding grounds for mosquitos.

tick control How it Works

The ingredients used in these products, such as cedarwood oil and garlic oil, not only affect the insect upon contact, but with consistent use will create an inhospitable environment for re-entry and future breeding. Therefore, the benefit of this approach is twofold: it controls the current population of fleas, ticks, and mosquitos, and also creates a barrier for re-entry to repel those outside of your property who were not directly affected by the application.

For most effective results on most properties, applications will be completed every 3 weeks beginning in early spring for ticks and mid-spring for mosquitos. Once spraying for both, the applications will be done simultaneously. If needed, we can shorten your spraying cycle to fulfill your desired level of comfort.

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